Central Reservation System for Hotel Chains

Hotel chains have the opportunity to take advantage of their scale and reduce the cost of their Room Reservation department by deciding to centralize their Room Reservations.

A Central Reservation office (CRO) not only reduces operational overheads but is in a position to offer better service and choice to the Guests. Also cross-selling opportunities can be exploited.

LUCID CRS is a web based Hotel Central Reservation system which integrates with LUCID PROMIS (PMS).

Access can be given to manage room inventory and Reservations to not only the CRO office staff but also can be given to the field staff to book and block rooms on real-time.

Further, if required, access can be given to the staff of individual hotel properties in the chain whereby each Hotel behaves like a sales and reservation office.

With LUCID CRS the opportunities to scale up operations and number of hotels in the chain are endless.


Some Key features of LUCID CRS

  • Web based, use any browser from anywhere
  • Can be hosted on Cloud or private Server
  • Integrates with SMS & email Server for Guest notification
  • Easy to add / remove Properties
  • Supports multiple room types and multiple arrival /departure dates
  • Easy to cancel a particular leg of reservation or an entire reservation
  • Seamless 2-way integration with PMS
  • Manage Advance deposits, refunds, proforma invoice with ease
  • Many advanced operational and analytical reports

Hotel Central Reservation System

Anywhere Access

Web Based System

Restaurant Analytics

Advanced Reports & Analytics

Solution for Hotel Chains