LIVE Dashboard and Analytics for Hotel Success

LUCID Business Analytics  provides multi-dimensional analysis of your Hotel’s business and empowers Hotel Managers with deep insights and good decision making.

It enables Managers to bring operational efficiency, implement Revenue management practices, Customer Delight, Prevent revenue loss, and make the Hotel profitable.

It is a one of a kind solution and a powerful tool in the hands of a smart Hotelier.

Some of the features of LUCID Business Analytics are:

–  Live Dashboard that provides up-to-the minute status of multiple data points

–  KPIs and Hotel Metrics

–  Hotel Revenue mix Analysis

–  Occupancy and Revenue Forecasts

–  ADR & RevPAR analysis and comparisons by Day/Month/Year

–  OTA and Channel Contribution Analysis and Trends

–  Market Segment Analysis and Trends

–  Business Source Analysis and Trends

–  Corporate business contributions Analysis

–  Geography-wise contribution Analysis

–  What-if & Revenue Maximization opportunities

–  Exceptions and Revenue loss Prevention

–  Top 10 Analysis

–  Sales Executive & Sales office performance analysis

–  …and a stealth feature to increase Guest Spend

Click, View, Decide!

Yes, that’s true!  LUCID Business Analytics converts Data into information and intelligence and enables hotel managers to take decisions in seconds. Managers no more have to spend hours and days going through reams of revenue and MIS reports to understand the various dimensions and trends of their Hotel Business. With LUCID Business Analytics one can be rest assured that all decisions are data driven and not based on Gut feel. Decisions on Hotel room pricing, Sales, Marketing & distribution, Optimising operations, revenue budgets, retaining top business contributors and much more can be taken in seconds…