Complete Corporate Cafeteria Management Solution

LUCID offers a complete and integrated Corporate Cafeteria Management Solution. The Solution is implemented and functional at large corporations with thousands of employees working in multiple shifts.

The Solution reduces cafeteria Queue time, improves service to employees and aims at improving the quality of time the employees spend in the cafeteria. The end result is significant improvement in Cafeteria operations, cafeteria staff productivity and employee productivity

The Solutions includes:

–  POS & back office modules
–  Self-Service Kiosks
–  Pre-paid card Management module
–  Employee App
–  Feedback kiosks
–  e-Reporting
–  SMS Alerts
–  and much more..

Give a 5 star experience to your most important Asset – Your Employees

With LUCID’s Cafeteria Management Solution, your employees feel like guests and are able to place their orders effortlessly and also give feedback to the Management in real-time.