LUCID Messenger for Hotels

LUCID Messenger is the first 2-way SMS solution for Hotels. All the features listed are Supported when LUCID Messenger is implemented along with LUCID PROMIS Hotel management Software (PMS)

LUCID Messenger can also be integrated to any other PMS for activating functions like “Reservation Confirmations” and for conducting SMS marketing campaigns. Many other features can be activated depending on the PMS used.  Contact us for more details.

Key Features of LUCID Messenger for Hotels
(Any SMS function can be activated or deactivated at any point of time)

SMS to Hotel Guests

–  Reservation confirmations
–  Confirmation on Amendments & cancellation
–  Birthday, Anniversary wishes
–  Welcome message on check-in
–  Thank you message on check-out
–  Send messages with your Branded sender ID
–  Send Guest messages directly to guest mobile from PMS

SMS to Hotel Managers

–  Hourly Alerts
Alerts on room position & occupancy status and current ARR positions can be sent to in-house managers. Periodicity of alerts can be defined in the system. Example – Every 2 hours during working hours.
–  Daily Alerts
Delivers Night Audit information (revenue, OCC% , ARR) everyday at specified time to managers
–  Discount Alerts
Notifies in-house managers with details of discount percent / amount
–  Alerts on Exceptions
Alerts in-house managers on high bills, VOID bills, Reservation Cancellations etc
–  Guest Messages
Delivers received guest messages directly on their mobile
–  Guest Complaints
Delivers received complaints directly to concerned department / persons. Ensures speedy resolution of guest complaints.

2-way SMS functions for Hotel Managers

On Demand access
2-Way SMS functions allows Managers to pull information from PMS by Sending keywords by SMS. To access data of past or future date “keyword” & “date” must be sent by SMS (Some of the information that can be accessed includes Room availability, Expected arrivals / departures, Occupancy forecast, Night Audit reports etc)

SMS to Hotel Staff

Send updates to staff via SMS – Roster Changes, about VIP Guests, departmental meetings and much more. SMS can be sent to individual staff, to a Group, Department or to the entire Hotel Staff in a few clicks

Marketing Campaigns

–  SMS marketing Campaigns using PMS Guest history/Guest Profile data
–  MASS SMS & Email campaign using mailing lists/ contacts (excel sheet)
–  Pre sales and Post sales SMS Campaigns
–  Scheduled Messaging on events
–  POS Guest Data can be used to send information on promotions, Happy Hours and other activities

LUCID Messenger on Web

Key features of LUCID Messenger on Web

–  Easy-to-use user interface.
–  Web interface for anywhere convenience.
–  Send single or group SMS via web.
–  Send bulk SMS broadcast and view reports real time.
–  Convenient online address book to store mobile numbers.
–  Password protected access.
–  Send SMS on a scheduled date and time
–  Upload mobile numbers via MS Excel, CSV and XML files.
–  Complete MIS with downloadable reports in Excel format.
–  Search within your address book and message folder.
–  Send messages on GSM and CDMA networks.

LUCID Hotel Messenger Software