TripAdvisor has become the most dominant Hotel review website globally and your Hotels’s ranking on tripadvisor can have a direct impact on your Room bookings, Revenue, ARR and bottom-line.

According to a survey – 93% of global travelers say their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews. 53% of travelers say they won’t book a hotel that doesn’t have online reviews. TripAdvisor is by far the largest review site on the planet accounting for more reviews than the next 10 review sites combined.

Having a good ranking on tripadvisor not only ensures that your Hotel is easily found on tripadvisor and other affiliated websites and search engines but most importantly will give the travelers the confidence to choose your hotel (over your competitor) for their stay.

The Ranking or popularity index of your property on TripAdvisor is based on the reviews posted by the guests who have stayed at your hotel. The ranking depends mainly on 3 factors-

1. Recency /freshness of reviews
2. Quality of reviews
3. Quantity of reviews

To receive a steady flow of reviews, it is important to remember to ask your guests to leave reviews for you upon checkout.

Based on requests from our Hotel Clients, LUCID has recently introduced a solution that helps hotels to automate the review request. During Guest checkout, LUCID PROMIS notifies the LUCID email engine which in turn sends out an email to the Guest, thanking him or her for their stay and also requesting to post their review on tripadvisor.

The email engine can also be configured to send the email after a specified number of days from the checkout date (example :- 2 days after checkout) and would be delivered as a personal email from the General Manager of the Property or from the Reservations department. Also the content of the email can be crafted/pre-defined using a template.

The Guests can simply click on the hyperlink in the email,which will take him to your hotel’s page on tripadvisor and post the reviews.

The automated email sent to the Guest after checkout has 3 specific benefits:-

-Improves Guest Relations- By thanking the guest for his or her stay in your Hotel.

-Increases the chances of more reviews for your hotel on tripadvisor– Since the Guest can post his or her reviews by simply clicking on the link provided in the email.

– Encourages Direct booking and reduces your TA commissions- By sharing your Hotels Website address and reservation phone numbers in the email

Kindly contact us for more details on setting up LUCID email engine at your property.