Kitchen Display System Overview

Kitchen display for restaurants

LUCID KDS can be easily deployed and can be configured for both Table Service and Quick Service restaurants.


It enables Restaurateurs to deliver faster service to Guests and earn browny points.

The Solution improves transparency and productivity of kitchen operations like never before and has a positive impact on the bottom line to the Restaurant business.

Some of the features of LUCID KDS:

–  Seamlessly integrates with LUCID POS

–  Works for both Table Service and QSR Restaurants

–  Touch Screen or non-touch system can be used

–  Notifies Chef of new or modified orders with a beep

–  Has 2-way messaging capability. Stewards can be notified when food is ready for pick-up

–  Option to track multiple options like chef name and food prep start time

–  Consolidated view and table-wise view of orders

–  Option to recall a bumped-off order

–  configurable view layout of pending orders

–  and much more…