LUCID Messenger for Restaurants

The messenger service from LUCID is the first of its kind 2-way intelligent SMS messaging solution for Restaurants. It sends out the right message to the right person at the right time.

Its integration with LUCID Restaurant POS software, our 360 ° POS solution allows for seamless integration of data and performs guest relationship functions as well. Furthermore, this integration with LUCID POS solution allows it to extract information and alerts you and others in real-time.  Thus, enables you to act appropriately without wasting time.

LUCID Messenger for restaurants is easily deployable and enables communication across all levels of users to improve transparency and coordination amongst staff. Furthermore, LUCID messenger for restaurants allows you to track business metrics on a daily basis.

Some of the key features of LUCID Messenger for Restaurants

–  Sends automated alerts on sales and collections on daily basis (Day end and Session wise)
–  Sends other metrics like average per cover, average per bill.
–  Automatically sends Birthday and Anniversary wishes to Customers
–  Alerts managers on exceptions like KOT / Bill Voids, discounts, deletions and others
–  Informs customers of their Loyalty Points & redemption (part of loyalty management)
–  Communicates offers, food festivals and other events
–  and much more…

Benefits of LUCID Messenger for Restaurants

–  Stay informed and in control, even when away from your Restaurant
–  Prevents revenue leakage
–  Improves customer relations
–  Increases Revenue by communicating Food festivals, offers, loyalty points to Guests.

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Stay informed on the move!

Business owners today need to stay informed of the business performance and KPIs even when they are away. LUCID Messenger is like your trusted employee who sends who the required reports and information day after day.